Monday, November 23, 2015

The sere and yellow leaf....and a winner

Almost Thanksgiving and the leaves are hanging on - well at least some of them...

Here on The High Line they are positively technicolored.

You can sort of see 21st Street through the railing.

Rather brown on the ground on 22nd Street.

Rose hips at Union Square

and my best leaf of the week - also at Union Square.

The latest gleanings from the roof. The things that look like wallflowers are flowers from the herb tarragon -which I foolishly planted and no one ever used - everything very fall color-like.

Last photo is of the dog looking quite fall-colorlike too.

And the lucky winner of the NOVICA    $50 gift code, chosen at random from the commenters, is Donna Baker of I'm sure Donna will be able to find herself or a friend a lovely handcrafted treat. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Changing Seasons and a Novica Giveaway

Hard to believe it's half way through November already and all sorts of holidays are upon us.

Time to knit more elf hats!

The trees are in the middle of losing their leaves - here a tree by the rail station in Huntington, Long Island where I go for my weekly visit to the grandchildren.

Nearer home Berch has decorated the barber for Thanksgiving....

but a nicotinia flower  survives outside our building.

Pods hang by Pinwheel Park.
 And now out thoughts turn to Christmas... By preference I prefer handmade presents - but I love looking at the shop windows anyway.

ABC Carpet's windows are a special treat - a sort of mingling of the exotic, the shabby-chic and the homey.

 This year they are heavy on a woodland theme

and I'm a sucker for it.

Owls, deer and all the rest...

This brings me to my annual giveaway from the  NOVICA site which has really lovely handcrafted gifts and has the additional benefit of helping craftspeople in the developing world. Here are some links to many good things - I always love the gorgeous Thai gift wrap and the Indian silk scarves - but that's just me. Jasmine suggested you might like to check out the links below for gift ideas.

A $50 gift certificate to the lucky person who comments whose name will be drawn from a hat on Monday 23rd.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Florence: File Under "Sometimes Other Places"

One of the things one goes to Italy for is to eat - and also to look at things to eat...

Herewith my first hot chocolate at Milan Station - with all the frisson of 'being abroad'.

The first day we wandered through the market near via de Macci and saw porcini mushrooms

and clementines

and pomegranates

and glittering fish.

Not to mention persimmons....

and artichokes.

On the other side of the Arno I had another hot chocolate.

More Italy photos here

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Round Up of Trivia on Columbus Day

First a photograph without a single leaf in it. Quintessentially New York - a  brilliant blue sky without a cloud in it. I think the grim looking buildings on the lower left are going to be either demolished (probably) or else refurbished. So much building going on all over the place - here on 7th Avenue. 

Seasonal thoughts... dahlia perfection

heirloom tomatoes looking picturesque

a winesap - with leaf...

moonflower pods on the roof

the beginning of berries.

The macaroon shop on 23rd Street is thinking about Halloween - the skeleton looking cadaverously chic.

We walked to the Ear Inn yesterday

one of my husband's favorite places. A man at the bar kept trying to make conversation with the taciturn bar man - kept asking if there were ghosts in the very old building. The barman finally said that there were odd things but did not elaborate. Was he just trying to please his customer? 

Anyway, the light was falling slantwise making the things on the tablecloth resemble things we painted in art school.

Monochrome and yet not monochrome - a puzzle to be solved.

On the way home we walked in St Luke's garden on Hudson Street and saw

a vast fall of Michaelmas daisies.

This last photo was taken in my friend Margaret's place - the very antithesis of the little jug picture above - and how nice to like both charming clutter and simplicity at the same time...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What's Been Going On...

Quite a lot -  since I have been neglecting this blog... anyway

Pope Francis came to New York and made a lot of people very happy.

They lined up for the mass at Madison Square Garden and the line went on for miles and miles. Though I am not a Roman Catholic, I admire Francis' message of love for to the poor and needy and dispossessed. 

More lovely effects of light.

This morning on 24th Street....extra urban.

A truck on 23rd Street...

Hooray -  at last the sunflower I planted outside the building decided to flower in almost-October.

I bought a little white pumpkin at Union Square

and admired dahlias  at the little Saturday market on 23rd Street.

Last Saturday was the flea market behind London Terrace.  Of course I wandered through it even though I don't really like old stuff.

I don't need the singers  - (see the notice over the shoulder of the chap on the left)

or Ms Supercilious either.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Tour Guide Mode

I never really explore the city except when we have guests -

So this week I headed north on The High Line for the first time this year and was astounded at the amount of construction going on in the upper 20's and 30's. So much activity - so much glass. This was about 8 in the morning on a very hot day.

I felt like Walt Whitman admiring the energy of the city and thought how many people must have good jobs doing the construction.

Roger is rather a keen walker and strode ahead in his Panama hat.

We stopped on the southern part for coffee in Chelsea Market before all the tourists arrived.

Rather a lot of yellow lately...

Having visitors means going out for swanky drinks at The Campbell Apartment at Grand Central Station...

Then a very good burger at the Shake Shack which I've known about for years but never actually got to. And yes - it was delicious.

Returning to my normal lovely dull life, I discover it's dahlia season at Union Square.